Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions acceptance

Adroit Outsourcing renders services via the following Internet website http://www.adroitoutsourcing.com/ on principles set out in this terms and conditions document.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the user confirms to have read, understood and accepted its contents.

Accepting these terms and conditions is a condition to use products and services provided by Adroit Outsourcing.

All users are obliged to observe these terms and conditions.

Adroit Outsourcing reserves the right to modify the provisions of these terms and conditions without each time notifying the user of the implemented modifications. The user may at any time familiarize himself with the currently effective privacy policy version on our Internet website http://www.adroitoutsourcing.com/.

Further use of products and rendered services after additional modifications in the terms and conditions have been implemented, shall constitute the consent to accept these modifications. Refusal to accept these modifications shall preclude the user from using the offered products and services.

Services description

All software, used by users in accordance with its application and purpose defined in these terms and conditions, available on the following website http://www.adroitoutsourcing.com/ and provided by Adroit Outsourcing. shall be deemed as service or product.

The use of any new services and products available on aforementioned website, after the user has accepted the terms and conditions shall be subject to its provisions.

Adroit Outsourcing is exclusively entitled to decide on functionality, the use, subject matter and the range of particular services and products as well as to cease rendering these services.

Adroit Outsourcing is exclusively authorized to decide on the contents and the nature of the software as well as to freely add, change or remove particular elements.

Privacy policy

Principles of user privacy protection including personal data protection have been described in a separate Privacy Policy.